Atsufumi Mizuno

Aka Atsu

Japanese Real Living Legend

Atsu will guide you to hidden spots on the mountain. He has some serious snowboarding skill and wisdom about the terrain like no other. Get ready to hang out with a true samurai of the mountain

Photo Credit: Aaron Schwartz

Zach Miller

Driver/Town Guide

Born and bred in Cardiff by the Sea, CA Zach is an amazing surfer and professional skateboarder. His enthusiasm and energy will keep you stoked while driving you to and from the airport and cruising from the lodge to the snowboarding powder kingdom.

instagram @zakramiller

Photo Credits: 1,Bryce Kanights 2/3,Ryan Heywood

Colors Adventures

The OG Backcountry Guide

A Spaniard who has travelled to all reaches of the globe, he has spent many winters in Japan uncovering the hidden gems. Our guests will feel comfortable and stoked to ride with one of the most top quality snowboard guides on earth.

instagram @colorsadventures


OG Basque Country Native

The Basque traveller, who is a lover of powder, quality food and surfing decided to combine his passions into the creation of Alkaline Lodge. As someone who has dedicated his life to a balanced and holistic lifestyle, his values translate into a positive and natural environment where guests feel free and at peace.

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